I am a professional lawn mower and landscaper, and have recently "graduated" to STIHL equipment from a lower-quality brand. There is one hedge trimming job in particular that used to take me nearly six hours with electric hedge trimmers that now only takes me 1 1/2 - 2 hours with the STIHL HS 45. Very powerful. Good quality. This piece of equipment has paid for itself many times over!

- Caleb K., Texas

I can't tell you how much money I have wasted on cheap trimmers and blowers, they all had a very short work life. Then I decided to invest in STIHL products, and they are wonderful. Since I purchased a trimmer 3 years ago, I've purchased a gas hedge trimmer and gas blower. My next purchase will be a cultivator. I'm a solid STIHL customer, and won't consider another brand.

- Michael B., Southern Illinois

After years of buying cheaper products such as chain saws and trimmers that failed far too early, I had enough with trying to save money. The old saying rings true - you get what you pay for. I shopped around at a few local dealers and bought a KM 90 R with a few attachments and a MS 290 chain saw. After using them only a few times, I am more than impressed. I used to have to restring my old trimmer about 3 times to get through my yard. With the KM 90 R and string trimmer attachment, I didn't have to restring once to finish my yard. Awesome!!!

- Patrick, Missouri

I purchased a 55 series STIHL straight shaft trimmer from the local hardware store about 4 months ago. Up until then, I was using a cheap curved shaft trimmer I bought at a department store. After 2 years of misery and backaches, I gave that cheap trimmer away and bought what I had always wanted - my first STIHL. I love it. I looked at several different brands, compared prices and found STIHL had the best bang for my buck.

- Josh S., Southern Illinois